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Friday, 23 June 2006
Qumana's new & hot image interface
Topic: Tips & Tricks

Have you ever been frustrated by how annoying it is to get images onto your blog? You have to download the image, go to the right tab in your blog, upload it, then stick it in your post. Ick. And if you want it wrapped in any way, you've got your hands full. Way too hard.

Qumana changes all that, starting today.

  1. Drag an image straight from a website or your desktop into the DropPad or the editor window
  2. Qumana prompts you to upload it with the window below and a preview
  3. Choose how you want it to look
  4. Click "Upload & Insert"

How easy is that?

The hot new feature of the Qumana image dialogue is the Wrapping Style. This is the first tab you see, called the Basic tab, and here you can instantly decide how you want the image in your post.

Maybe you don't want a wrap, or maybe you want the image to be at the left with the text wraping around and to the right. Just choose your option and if that's it, click Upload & Insert.

Now, if you want to change more things in your image, go to the Advanced tab. Here you can change the size, add alternate text, or any other style elements.

You can insert any image to your post by dragging it to the editor, to the DropPad (double click to open), or by clicking the image button next to the link button on the editor window.

We hope you find the new image dialogue as fun and easy as we do!

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Posted by arieanna81 at 3:05 PM PDT
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Qumana is font crazy
Topic: Tips & Tricks

Thanks to popular demand, Qumana now lets you change your font and font size.

How to use the font features:

  1. Select the text you want to change
  2. Use the pull-down menu to change the font and font size


If you leave the font menu as either "Default Font" or "Default Size", your post will use the font choices you have selected in your blog template.


If you choose a specific font, like Arial or Time's New, it will display to all readers of your blog the same way.

If you choose the "serif", "sans-serif" or "cursive" font options, the font will be displayed based on browser preferences - so, with these, the font may appear differently to you than to your readers.


Where is font color, you may ask? Well, it didn't quite make it in. We want it to be slick - you know, with a fancy color picker and stuff. We'll have it in the next release.

We hope you enjoy the new features! If you have not yet downloaded Qumana, go give it a try.

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Posted by arieanna81 at 2:52 PM PDT
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Thursday, 13 April 2006
How to be a productive blogger
Topic: Tips & Tricks

Ads by AdGenta.comHere are some quick tips to help you be a productive blogger - specifically, how to get in the writing frame of mind quickly and how to get the most out of your writing time.

  • write quickly
  • have a set time to write every day
  • write down all your ideas in a separate book. They are good fodder, as I like to say
  • write when the passion hits - sometimes outside of your set time you just get bombarded with ideas. Take advantage of it!
  • schedule off time. Daily. And take time out for a day or two here and there.
  • look for new things to read about. More sites, new books.
  • relax. be you. let your ideas flow out.
  • IM or chat with other bloggers for creative zest
  • look for new topics, familiar or not

Happy blogging!

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Posted by arieanna81 at 12:37 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006 12:38 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Tag and get noticed
Topic: Tips & Tricks

So, you have a blog. How's your traffic? Yeah, thought so. Just starting a blog? Wondering how to get it "out there". Well there are lots of tips and tricks for this, but here's an easy one that Qumana has made even easier -- tagging.

Let's talk tags. Tags are links in your post that allow it to be searched and grouped with other blogs and posts. Your tags should be one or two words that you would use to tell people what your post is about.

So if you're talking about cats, tag with cats. Soccer, well Soccer and maybe football. When someone clicks on the tag in your post it goes to the blog search engine Technorati and finds the other posts with that same tag. Of course if someone is looking for other posts about your subject, searches for that tag and you've tagged it ... well you can see where I'm going with this.

Qumana makes it super easy to tag your posts ... just use the Insert Tags button! When you click it you'll get a dialog box to enter your tags. Separate your tags with commas (you'll see the tags for this post at the bottom), and click okay. That will insert your tags in your post. Typically tags are placed at the bottom of the post. Kinda like a "see also ..." reference.

Does it work? Oh yeah. This blog is rather new, but because we've been tagging it, Technorati, and other engines, have already indexed it. Not bad for a couple week old blog!

So getting tagging!

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Posted by tris-hussey at 2:52 PM PDT
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Thursday, 6 April 2006
Previewing your ad
Topic: Tips & Tricks

Did you know that when you insert an ad using Lycos-Qumana and Q Ads you can actually preview what your ad is going to be?

Well, you can. And it's easy. Here is how:

  1. Place your cursor where you would like your ad to appear
    • tip: the top right corner is very effective with smaller sized ads
  2. Click on the green "Insert Ad" button
  3. In "Step 2" change your option to "Custom ad banner design"
    • If you have already entered a keyword in Step 1 you can then preview it immediately
  4. Enter a single keyword or a keyphrase (e.g. hockey stick)
  5. Review the banner presented to you. Does it match? If so, go ahead and press "Ok" and your banner will be inserted
  6. Don't like your ad? Just erase your keyword and try again - either more broad or more specific - to see if you can get something more to your liking
  7. Press "OK" to enter the ad

Ads by

If you have not signed up for Q Ads yet, get to it!

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Posted by arieanna81 at 1:21 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2006 1:21 PM PDT
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Insert Links Faster with Lycos-Qumana Blog Editor
Topic: Tips & Tricks

Inserting links with Qumana is so easy, but you likely don't know it. And it all comes down to shortcut keys - which, when you get used to them, keep you typing so much faster!

Here is how you get that link into your post in under 5 seconds.

  1. Select the URL you want to link
  2. Copy it to your clipboard
    • Mac: Command-C
    • PC: Ctrl-C
  3. Select the text in Qumana you want to make into a link
  4. Use the shortcut key to insert a link
    • Mac: Command-Shift-L
    • PC: Ctrl-Shift-L
  5. Press enter (the URL you copied will automatically be in the box)

Step 1 - Select URL from browser

Step 4 - Insert Link

And that's it! Simple!

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Posted by arieanna81 at 1:14 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2006 1:15 PM PDT
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