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Tuesday, 30 January 2007
The Qumana Corner Is Back !
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Topic: Blogging News
A shout-out to all Lycos Tripod and Angelfire bloggers, and especially those who have downloaded and use the Lycos Qumana blog editing tool and the more recently-released Lycos Q-Ads blog advertising insertion tool.

The Qumana Corner has been on hiatus for a couple of months, as life's transitions wielded their impact on our abilities to keep you going and growing in your blogging activities.  The previous bloggers Tris and Arieanna have moved on to other pastures, and at the Qumana HQ we have been busy improving Qumana's capabilities.

We have been developing the Lycos Q-Ads tool further towards becoming a means of mixing together a range of social media content (video clips, mps3's, and other content widgets .. effectively, anything wrapped in <embed> HTML tags), so that the blogger can embed the content into her or his blog posts . Watch for some news about this over the next month or so.

My name is Jon Husband.  I am a co-founder of Qumana, have been blogging for at least 4 years if not longer (probably closer to 5) and also act as a social media analyst and strategist and a consultant to organizations who are wondering about how the new digital hyperlinked (and rapidly becoming ubiquitous) environment is affecting them ... usually the problems require some form of what is called change management.

Anyway, enough about me.

I am planning to post at least three times a week here, and the focus of the posting will be how to post more easily, how to blog more effectively (up to the intermediate level, basically .. people at or beyond that level of skill know how to find out what they want to know next, in my experience).

I will also do my very best to be as open, reszponsive, helpful and respectful as I can be to any and all who have quuestions or suggestion.

Finally, I intend to become as familiar as possible with Lycos' great content and offer examples of how the content offered by Lycos can be woven into blog posts as easily and as usefully as possible.

Blogging is for many people a great way to learn and grow, make new friends and professional or business connections or just express themselves about their issues, concerns or favourite activities.

I trust that I will be able to help those of you who are curious, enthusiastic or ambitious .. and if I can't help you i will try to find someone who can and put you in touch with them.;

Posted by wirearchy at 9:08 PM PST
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Tuesday, 25 April 2006
Walkabout Podcast Apr 25 -- Lycos and Qumana blogging together
Topic: Blogging News

Ads by AdGenta.comIt's been a while coming and since we're in Boston, Waltham actually, meeting with Lycos Jen and I thought it would be a great time to do a little podcast talking about Lycos-Qumana partnership.


Walkabout Podcast Apr 25 8.7 megs 13 mins.

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Posted by tris-hussey at 9:04 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006 9:11 AM PDT
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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Anglefire blogs are now Q-able!
Topic: Blogging News

Welcome to the fold Angelfire bloggers! A little bird told me, okay it was Jen, that your blogs have been upgraded to be able to use Qumana. Like 30 mins ago!

How's that for news?

Come on, give it a try. Hey, it's even free. Nothing to lose!

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Posted by tris-hussey at 2:32 PM PDT
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Thursday, 6 April 2006
The Qumana Lycos buzz continues to build ...
Topic: Blogging News

Despite some computer company announcing yesterday that another company's OS could run on their machines, the buzz on the Blogosphere has been quite respectable. The BlogPulse search says it all I think. The commentary we're getting is pretty insightful. Sure we've been getting the w00ts! and congrats from friends, but there have been comments like:

In a landscape of hyper-acquisitions and VC bulimia, it's nice to see an old-school-netco-meets-web-2.0 alliance where both companies gain--and so do their end users, especially those million++ Tripod and Angelfire folks who now have easy access to a super-easy blogging platform.-- Jeneane Sessum

Wow, I get a day or two behind, and look what I miss. Lycos - one of the Big Names in Internet - and Qumana - one of the Big Names in blogging - have joined forces to present the Lycos-Qumana Blog Editor, and the Lycos-Qumana RSS reader. Through the Lycos-Qumana alliance, Lycos is also offering easy one-stop blogging through their Tripod service.

Want more hype? Try this one on for size. Wired News (a service of Lycos) bloggers are now posting more efficiently thanks to Lycos-Qumana. -- Frye

Other search firms are moving to explore the expansive web as well. Last month, Lycos announced it was introducing a number of self-publishing and distribution options for content creators. It recently entered the VOIP market with Lycos Phone and today announced the release of a desktop Blog editing tool, Lycos-Qumana. -- SEO Blog

Ads by AdGenta.comOther mentions: C|Net, Blog Herald, WebProNews, Mark Evans

So, what else do we have up our sleeves? Well that would be telling wouldn't it? Let's just say we're not resting on our laurels and are going to stay as busy as ever.

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Posted by tris-hussey at 10:40 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 5 April 2006
The Lycos-Qumana deal, the view from the inside
Topic: Blogging News

Ads by AdGenta.comWow, what a month it has been. Our exciting news (on Lycos and Yahoo) is making its way through the Net as I write this (Thanks Toby, Lorraine, Mark, and Jeremy for early ink). Before I get into the details and my thoughts, I have some thank yous to say. First the whole Qumana and Lycos teams. A project and deal of this scale cannot be pulled off by a single person. The whole team has worked so, so hard to make this possible (and we even had a Qumana wedding too!) and I thank them so much. Now, as good as a project might be a web-related project needs, well, servers. So I'd like to give special thanks to our primary host Pair and our caching provider Akamai. They have also done extra duty and came through in the clutch when we needed them to make sure the pages got served.

So ... what does this mean for Qumana? A lot. This is huge for us. Lycos is one of those icons of the Internet. Lots of history, lots going on. We're excited to be working with them. In many ways this is an affirmation of Qumana's mission: make blogging easier and better. Beyond all the hype, beyond all the thoughts of blog bubbles and getting into debates about "what is web 2.0", this sea change we've seen over the last two years is about writing and publishing. It's about people having their say. It's about people helping to shape, expand, illustrate, and elaborate on the news of the day. And now the legions of Tripod and Anglefire, and ... oh did I mention ... Wired bloggers can create, describe, and publish easier today than they could yesterday.

This has been a busy time, but there is no time to rest on our laurels. Still lots to do. Still more ways to make things better. Still more posts to write. Time to get going on this exciting new phase.

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Posted by tris-hussey at 9:33 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 4:20 PM PDT
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Monday, 3 April 2006
Welcome to Qumana's Corner on Tripod!
Topic: Blogging News

We're stoked, we're cool, we rock!

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Posted by tris-hussey at 2:31 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 3 April 2006 2:33 PM PDT
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